Can't Hear The Music?

Please do not send me e-mails or guestbook entries telling me you can not hear the music. (Example)Your friend sent it to you cause the music is wonderful but you can't hear it. Is there something wrong with the site or my computer? If there was something wrong with the music why was it sent to you????

Every single wav file and wav file lyrics page works perfectly off my site. The music lyrics pages are slow loading on some connections as expected with the size they are plus the backgrounds but do play trust me. Breaking up a little? Refresh your page.

You all know your own computers and what you have or do not have on them. If they are not equipped or programmed to hear wav files there is nothing I can do. If you have the new Media player 10 you may not be able to hear embedded wav files, but that is an issue with your computer and your set up, nothing to do with me or my site. Check your settings, talk to your manufactor, your sales man, your repair man, whom ever. All is fine and well on my 9, go back to it.

I will not be sending any more replies to this kind of ridiculous mail so don't even bother me. People want to know where did I get this song or that cartoon. I have enough to do to delete all the porn and spam from all my e-mail accounts and my guestbook.

P.S. Again I ask Quit the cutesy little incredimail e-mails that weigh down my mailbox and also show as attachments. I do not open attachments. I send them when music is requested of me. Save these heavy files for your personal friends. They will be deleted upon arrival.

And I will be sitting back enjoying all the wonderful sweet encouraging e-mails and guestbook entries I get from those who truly enjoy all of my site and these always get my attention.

Thank You,
Paula "Simply Angel"