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This one likes my name and also steals poetry.!4E47C45A13D8EDCB!1778/!13AE4B49ADF707B8!663/!191F00620328F89D!168/!C8C4C538405A36AD!600/!7782AB9D50D49EF6!333/

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This one claiming my music pages as her own.

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See Folks this is one sad reason why I do not want my name or site named linked to this kind of mess. It's just a shame. And she thinks I am the shamed one.
Also posted by Melinda Gilman-I guess she wants me to post her ignorant e-mails to me as well?
From: Melinda Gilman
To: Simply Angel
Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2007 6:24 PM
Subject: another yahoo answer for ya

here is a yahoo answer where you are called psycho.. why dont you post it on your hall of shame shit page...;_ylt=ArZWN.QCsUrzQicVqY3LdIPsy6IX?qid=20070425122154AAZW3I0