Flowers For Momma

Papa brought flowers for Momma today,
and all the grown children but it's not Mother's day.
I don' t have no money not even a dime,
but I brought Momma flowers like I have all the time.

Every day I'd pick flowers from this pretty hill,
a small box of daisies and a few daffodils.
I 'd bring them to Momma at the end of the day,
and say flowers for Momma, here's Momma's bouquet.

It brightened her face and she'd hold me close,
she'd say they were more precious than a beautiful rose.
And she wore a smile sweeter than millions of flowers,
a smile that I'll carry through life's darkest hours.

Now Momma was lying there, yes they tell me she'd passed away,
and she was surrounded by flowers that out shined my bouquet.
I know mine aren't fancy, but still all the while
they were placed in her hands and I know I saw Momma smile.

Flowers for Momma I picked them today,
not very much just a simple bouquet.
Mom wasn't so fancy but up there above,
she's the prettiest flower in God's garden of love.

Sung By George Jones

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